Innovating Effective Solutions since 2005
Research and Society Contribution
Xeesa Services has been contributing to the society for free services such as
  • Free Calculator on HDB Loan to calculate monthly loan and prevent impulse buy which may lead to unaffordability and finance issues
  • Tyre Size Calculator to ensure you have a safer ride to prevent mishaps on the road
  • ERP now real-time to let motorist to see whether there is ERP and prevent them to insert cashcard at the last minute on the road which may cause accidents due to the lost of focus on the road
  • Fuel Price Board to let motorist know of the current prices for fuel
  • Free Chinese Lunar Calendars for Singapore to let the pioneers which use lunar calendar to pray to god during festivals
  • Vending Machine which sells hardware, stationery and needs for people who want it urgently

  • These are the free stuff which need your support to encourage us for create further more apps and information for everyone

    Who are we?
    Xeesa Services(Reg No:53054170W) is a solution provider which provides system solutions and research and innovating new systems founded in August 2005
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  • To optimise software technologies and ergonomics to innovate and improve process and lifestyle
  • To bridge business entities effectively which leads to benefit consumers and providers better
  • To lesson cost on operations in order to maximise corporate profits
  • To bring more value from the provided services/solution to customers
  • Xeesa Motto is 'Bridging Entities'
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